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How Does a Plastic Granulator Work

How Does a Plastic Granulator Work

Powerful granulator series applicable to a wide range, can be concentrated crushing, recycling of various materials, shapes of plastic products. The processing technology is mature, and the important parts such as the box body, the tool post and so on are processed integrally to ensure the matching accuracy....

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How does a plastic granulator work

Granulator is used in waste recycling, environmental protection, recycling and other fields. It is an essential equipment for plastic processing.

Plastic granulator cutter knife motor driven by high-speed rotation, in the process of moving high-speed rotation in the form of relative motion trend and the fixed knife, using the gap formed between the cutter and the fixed cutter, and large plastic broken, crushed by plastic mesh on plastic particle size were filtered out.

Professional design and manufacture of plastic granulator products, the use of high-quality carbon steel by professional grade welders! Strong welding! The inner surface is hard, polished and smooth, with no residual effect of cleaning! Now widely used in domestic waste, medical waste, woven bags, rubber, plastics, wood, tires, chemical barrels, iron barrels and other soft and hard materials.

Product features:

1., the equipment according to different materials, design different knife design, such as: claw knife, flat knife, blade and so on.

Design science 2. knife, blade made of alloy steel blade, knife by thermal processing. The crushing is faster, the blade is more wear-resistant and the material is finer.

3. the equipment is designed with electronic control safety device, motor design overload protection device, more convenient to use, more safe to use electricity.

Scope of application:

Recycled plastic granulator for waste plastics industry, can be used for plastic bottles, plastic woven silk, woven bag, plastic rope net, shoes, film, sheet, plastic sheet, plastic pipe, medicine, food and other pieces can be broken, nylon, resin, PVC, TPR, polypropylene, high pressure polyethylene poly carbon plastic and rubber etc..


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