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Industrial Plastic Granulator

Industrial Plastic Granulator

China industrial plastic granulator with good quality,
high speed plastic granulator for size reduction and recycling of plastic film,bag,drum,tank ,crates,board,sheet etc;
Capacity : 100-2000kg/hour; Output specification :8-16mm;

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Industrial plastic granulator

Industrial Plastic granulator in the plastic industry, an indispensable part of the broken plastic recycling equipment, mainly broken off cuts plastic scraps ; Industrial plastic granulator also works to recycle Hard plastic, block, ball, sheet, strip, bottle shell, basket, bag , greatly improving the utilization of plastics.

2 popular types of industrial plastic granulator:

Claw knife type plastic granulator : dispersed by force, shear force, dedicated to all types of block material of rigid plastic (such as material, shoe material);

Flat knife type plastic granulator : blade wide, concentrated shear, low dust crushing, applicable to: sheet, plate, box, basket , bottle shell , pasltic film ,bag ,packaging products etc;

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