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Plastic Granulator Machine

Plastic Granulator Machine

Plastic granulator in the injection molding industry, an indispensable part of the broken plastic recycling equipment, mainly broken all kinds of soft Hard plastic, block, ball, sheet, strip, bottle shell, basket, bag shaped Plastics crushed into granular recycling, greatly improving the utilization of plastics....

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This machine is suitable for crushing/granulating polystyrene, polypropylene, nylon, engineering plastics and PVC foam soft material waste, product or injection first, such as the replacement of the sieve plate, and adjust the blade gap, also can break all kinds of blow film, beverage bottles, thin thin plastic waste.

Usage method

Connected to the power supply, before starting the first hand toggle the inertia wheel observe whether the foreign body exists inside the machine, and then boot idle for 20 minutes or so, should pay attention to whether the knife is clockwise, if not clockwise, should change the steering motor, if everything is normal, can feed processing.

Mechanical maintenance and repair

(1) when the tool is used for a long time, it must lose its sharpness, and it must be removed and polished so as to avoid deterioration of the running condition of the machine.

(2) the two bearings on both ends of the spindle are equipped with lubricating oil nozzles, and should be lubricated regularly

(3) after a considerable period of time, the belt will be extended and the center distance should be adjusted so as not to reduce the transmission power

(4) when the broken material is frivolous film material, occasionally encountered in the crushing room in the middle of infarction, can open the door with a small wooden crushing chamber, the bottom of the chamber to stir, must not hand into bottom, to avoid accident.

Structure characteristics

1) the tool is made of famous factory refined steel, especially strong and durable.

2) grinding machines, all kinds of soft, hard plastic, easy and easy.

3) sound design before and after, very small noise.

4) streamlined design, small footprint, easy maintenance.

5) the motor is equipped with overload protection device, connected with the power supply protection system, protect the motor, cutting tools.

6) can choose different material cutter machine, different outer diameter screen.

7) foot attached pulley, easy to move.

8) buffer chamber design and concentrate export falling type design, avoid flying test materials


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