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Agriculture Film Shredder

Agriculture Film Shredder

Industrial agriculture film shredder featured on LOW NOISE and Large Capacity,
heavy duty plastic bag shredder for small and uniform size of output;
Capacity of plastic film shredder : 300-10000kg/hour; Output size: 50mm;

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Agriculture film shredder


1.Brief introduction :

The agriculture film is dirty , especially the agriculture mulching film , they are with much sand and soil ,and may have metal product mixed with the plastic film;

The agriculture film shredder works safely when touch some metal product, such as iron sheet, aluminium product etc;

The agriculture film shredder pre-reduce the size of the big plastic film; Then the shredded big film pieces can be feeded into a tumble sieve next to agriculture film shredder to remove mixed sand ,soil, organics, metal products etc;

Protect other plastic recycling machines after the agriculture film shredder ;saving power, saving  water ;

2. Parameter of SCDF1000 agriculture film shredder



Shredder power in total


Shredding ability


Final size

Around 150 mm

3.Photos of agriculture film shredder:

plastic bag shredder woven sacks shredding machine (3).jpg

agriculture film shredder.JPG

plastic film shredder woven bag shredding machine.jpg

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