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Industrial Plastic Bag Shredder

Industrial Plastic Bag Shredder

China industrial plastic bag shredder for breaking and recycling waste plastic film,bulk woven bag ,sacks, with large capacity, low noise,and ouput size limitation;
Application : Plastic washing recycling, landfill,burning power station;

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1.Industrial plastic bag shredder

Brighter brand industrial plastic bag shredder cosists of top brand motor , gearbox, bearings in the market, the rotator is made of solid steel with full tempering and quenching treatment , the quality of cutting ,welding ,polishing , painting is controlled strictly in the production ;

The working life of brighter brand industrial plastic bag shredder is super long ,giving a happy using experience for customers in plastic recycling project;

2.SCDF2000 Industrial plastic bag shredder:



Shredder power




Shredding room


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MSW shredding machine.jpg

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plastic film shredder woven bag shredding machine.jpg

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