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Plastic Bag Shredder Machine

Plastic Bag Shredder Machine

China industrial plastic bag shredder machine for breaking and recycling waste plastic film,bulk woven bag ,sacks,msw with large capacity, low noise,and ouput size limitation;

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1.Plastic bag shredder machine

Plastic bag shredder machine in type of round rollers, square blades in “ V” lines , 82rpm , cutting super big bag in large amount automatically, large capacity is obtain , power consumption is small;

2.SCDF2000 plastic bag shredder machine




8 -10 tons/hour


500mm( diameter) * 2000mm (Length) , 2 sets

Motor power

90kw *  2 sets

3.Pictures of plastic bag shredder machine:

plastic bag shredder machine.jpg

plastic bag shredder machine (2).jpg

plastic bag shredder machine (3).jpg

municipal solid waste processing plant.jpg





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