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38ncb Single Head Hydraulic Nc Pipe Bending Machine
Jul 03, 2017

DW38NC high-speed single head hydraulic pipe bending machine,bending speed, the use of NC control, multiple sets of procedures, multi angle setting, stable performance, simple and convenient operation. Widely used in the exhaust pipe, the main specifications of unit furniture industry pipe bending machine: the DW38NC note the maximum bending diameter * thickness mm Phi 38 * 21. minimum bending radius of 2. according to the maximum bending radius of pipe diameter according to 3. maximum length of mandrel can according to the customer request the maximum bending radius mmR260 minimum bending radius mm in the length of the core of mm1600 control system the microcomputer control allows the Unit16 can store the number of bent pipe part number Unit16 * 16 hydraulic motor power KW4 system maximum pressure control solenoid valve in hydraulic system of Mpa12 oil tank volume L110 machine dimensions of mm2610 * 600 * 1050 Kg750 diameter according to the weight of the machine maximum bending angle of Degree190 standard customer requirements

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