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800 Model Single Shaft Shredder And Crusher For Turkey :
Jan 13, 2018

Appreciating for our customer from turkey ,putting us the order of single shaft shedder and crusher for processing hdpe lumps; 

The size of this customer’s lumps is around 150*700*700mm. it is very big ; the model we recommend is scs800 single shaft shredder ( and pc800 crusher , the scs800 single shaft shredder is with shredding room of 800*1000mm; the lump can be put into the hopper directly ; the capacity we promise is 500kg/h ,but the actual output is higher ; 

For matching so big hdpe plastic lumps , we choose PC800 crusher to match the single shaft shredder; the motor power is 30kw , blades adopts V-type ; 14mm as size of final flakes; high output ,but low dust ; 

Hdpe plastic lumps shredder and crusher meet CE standard, Formal CE certificate will be made and sent to customer with other related documents; 

What most impressive feature and advantage of our shredder is the damping design ,it is for protecting the gearbox in the production ; many customers are annoyed about the performance of gearbox in the production; many customers told us the gearbox on their old shredder is easy to be broken ; Why ? First reason is the quality of gearbox itself, 2nd is the damping and protection design to the gearbox ;  Our brightermachinery has long and unique and muture experience on it ,

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