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About The Characteristics Of Large Tube Bending Machine Rocker Arm Rotating Device
Jul 29, 2017

About the characteristics of large tube bending machine rocker arm rotating device:

1.the back of the hydraulic drive, compact structure, large driving force, high reliability, speed of rotation can be adjusted.

2.the use of ball bearing rotary support as a rotary positioning component, the high precision of rotation, compact structure, stable work, long service life.

3.the electromagnetic clutch of the embedded type has the advantages of high reliability, small noise and small structure size when attracting. The magnetic clutch is adopted to realize the closing and disconnection of the drive chain of the rocker arm drive device, so that the rocker drive device has the advantages of small overall structure, reliable performance and stable operation.

4.the base, rocker arm, sliding table, guide rail, rocker arm, drive device, shell and other parts are welded structure, making the device manufacturing cost is low, the production cycle is short.

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