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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Wooden Pallets And Plastic Pallets
Sep 09, 2017

PP pallet recycling shredder

PE Pallet recycling shredder

Plastic pallet recycling shredder

 Wooden pallets

 Advantages: low price, easy to process, the finished product is practical and can be maintained.

Disadvantages: easy to damp, mildew, moth eaten, and can not be cleaned, wood shavings and screw corrosion problems are difficult to overcome, easy to pollute products. 

Plastic pallets: divided into blow trays and injection trays. 

The production process of injection trays is mature, flexible and widely used. 

Blow molding trays have good impact resistance and low temperature performance. They are widely used in special industries such as petrochemical industry. 

Advantages of plastic pallets: 

Integrity, clean and sanitary, in use, but also light, no nail thorn, acid, alkali, no qualitative change, easy to clean

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