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Application Of Multi-use Two Shaft Shredding Equipment For RDF
Aug 14, 2017

RDF raw materials mixed with a variety of materials,requiring higherly to the long-term stability, tool wear resistance of  the RDF Shredding facility.. This type of double shaft crushing machine requires that the equipment be able to handle both rigid and tough materials such as metals, plastics, wood, and the like.


Our company has many years of experience in manufacturing shredders and crushers , adopts advanced technology in Italy, has developed the strong shredder for  the field of RDF recycling


From pretreatment to sorting to crushing, we will provide you with the right solution.



Applications list of two shaft shredding equipment  for RDF:



• bio-straw power generation

• Used clothing, shoes, daily necessities

• Waste plastic products

• Waste plastic

• Cement plant supporting power plant waste heat power generation

• Papermaking plant supporting power plant waste heat power generation

• Waste incineration power generation

• Hazardous waste mixed fuel preparation

• Large industrial waste and special waste disposal

• Industrial boilers generate electricity

• Recycling waste recovery

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