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Attention! Operators Of China Hydraulic Pipe Bending Machine
May 13, 2018

1. Anyone who uses china cnc pipe bending machine and its tools and measuring tools must agree with the person in charge of the equipment and obey the unified arrangement of the person in charge of the equipment.

2, if it is an intern, it must be used under the guidance of the guidance staff.

3, anyone who uses machine tools must comply with the rules of operation.

4, operators must be trained to obtain operational qualification before they can operate.

5, it is strictly prohibited to extend the hand or other parts of the human body into the upper and lower die so as to avoid accidental personal injury.

6, prevent any articles from touching the operation buttons, so as to avoid misoperation of the bends and accidents.

7, foot switch should be placed in a convenient operation and not easily touched to prevent accidents.

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