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Can The Wood Shredder Be Used For Other Waste Products ?
Oct 30, 2017

Yes, usually, double shaft shredder is designed for shredding waste wood pallet block etc .

Wood: scrap wood, wooden pallets, wood, branches

Bucket products: plastic barrel, metal barrel, paint barrel, IBC barrel, trash can

Garbage: domestic waste, medical waste, food waste, industrial waste, garden waste

Plastic products: all kinds of plastic film, plastic bags, woven bags, plastic bottles, plastic boxes, plastic blocks, plastic cans

Metal products: aluminum profiles, oil filters, car shell, cans, metal cans

Paper: paper, cardboard, corrugated paper, copy paper

Electronic appliances: refrigerator, circuit board, portable computer shell, TV shell, CD dish

Glass products: glass wool, glass, glass bottle

Rubber: tires, all kinds of rubber products

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