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Car Bumper Shredder For Czech Repulibic
Feb 01, 2018

Czech Republic , it also can be called Czechia , a super beautiful country with long history and cultural deposits; A place with green mountains and fresh water always breed kind person with spirit and soul of virtue

On 16 January 2018 , a bright and warm day , we ,zhangjiagang brighter machinery co.,ltd , China shredder and crusher manufacturer , established 2nd cooperation with our Great client from Prague , which is famous for its tourist attraction and people , a very important station in the “One Road and One Belt “ strategy of the world ,where China Running Man ( a reality show of Zhejiang TV ) has made a terrific programme , where mr xijinping , China president, has visited ;

The shredder for this client is used for reducing the size of Car Bumper, Required capacity of 200Kg/h  , Output bumper flakes of 25*50mm( around) , motor power of 15kw , blade material of skd11 ( D2,Cr12MoV); The blades of the double shaft car bumper shredder is in claw shape ; two blades rotates relatively and cut the car bumpers by shearing work; shredded car bumper flakes fall down naturally;

Brightermachinery has high standard on making the shredder , each components adopts top brand in China, strong structure for the shredder frame , strict quality control on the steel cutting (by CNC flame cutting machine), welding , quenching and tempering , painting etc. Each shredder will be tested with raw materials for showing the actual performance before delivery;

Usually, the production time is around 40 days, but it can be shorter if client is urgent on getting the shredder.

Except for the double shaft shredder, brightermachinery also has single shaft shredder , double rotator shredder soft products , four shaft shredder , series crusher, and plastic mixer, pulverizer etc;

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Prague city :

car bumper shredder double shaft shredding machine.jpg

China Running Man in Prague city: 


China running man with Chinese friends in Czech Republic:


Chinese president with Chinese friends in Czech Republic :


SCD600 double shaft shredder :

car bumper shredder double shaft shredding machine.jpg

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