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DC53 Blade For Single Shaft Shredder
Jan 29, 2018

Now our company, zhangjiagang brighter machinery co.,ltd( is producing a single shaft shredder and crusher for our client from turkey ; this shredder is for processing hdpe lumps , 800mm of shaft length ,37kw of motor power ,  promised capacity of 500kg/hour;

The required material for the shredding blades is DC53 , it is the best material in China. 

The common skd11 blade ( 1 set ) can meet prodution of half year for hdpe lumps , the DC53 blade can meet 1 year ;

But what is the DC53 blade ? 

DC53 blade is a standard grade of Japanese DADONG(JISg4404), it is improved from SKD11; It solves the disadvantage of unenough hardness and toughness of SKD11 in high temperature tempering ; Now it is replacing the Skd11 in the field of Universal mold and precision mold;

The hardness can get HRC63 in high temperature tempering . The Skd11 is HRC60;

The toughness double the skd11. 

The corresponded standard grade in China is named Cr8Mo1VSi .


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