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Does Steel Wire Mesh Reinforced Plastic Composite Pipe Need Anticorrosion?
Jan 31, 2018

The steel wire mesh reinforced plastic composite pipe is made of three layers of structure.

The first layer (inner tube) is PE80 or PE100 polyethylene.

The second layer (reinforcement layer) is composed of the left and right spin winding of the high strength carbon spring steel wire for the tyre.

The third layer (protective layer) is made of high density polyethylene (PE80 or PE100); the interlayer is bonded by polyolefin special adhesive resin.

PE80 plastic sealing ring is welded by electric heating.

The pipe connection is usually connected by an electrofusion sleeve.

Therefore, this kind of compound pipe does not carry out anticorrosion treatment.

Steel wire reinforced hdpe pipe shredder

Steel wire reinforced plastic pipe shredder 

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