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Five Categories Of Medical Waste Classification
Aug 19, 2017

Our single shaft shredder plant and double shaft shredder plant can help reduce the size of hospital waste ,making them easier and more sufficient to be burned


Medical waste composition is complex, according to "medical waste classification directory", medical waste mainly include:

1, infectious waste: to carry pathogenic microorganisms have the risk of transmission of infectious diseases caused by medical waste.


● items that are contaminated by blood, body fluids, excrement, including: cotton balls, cotton swabs, drainage sliver, gauze and other dressings.

● use of disposable health supplies, disposable medical supplies and disposable medical devices.

abandoned quilt clothes;

other items by the patient's blood, body fluids, excreta contaminated items;

 Domestic waste from patients with isolated infectious diseases or suspected infectious diseases treated by medical institutions;

 pathogen culture medium, a variety of discarded medical specimens and strains, poisonous preservation solution;

 waste blood, serum


2. the pathological waste: the process of diagnosis and treatment of human waste and medical laboratory animals and other dead bodies.


 Surgery and other medical treatment in the process of discarded human tissue, organs and so on.

medical laboratory animal organization, body.

 pathology after the waste of human tissue, pathological wax block and so on.


3.the injury of waste: to stab or cut the body of the abandoned medical sharp device.


 medical needle, suture needle.

 all kinds of medical sharp, including: scalpels, scalpels, skin knife, surgical saws and so on.

 glass slide, glass tube, glass ampoule and so on.


4. drug waste: expired, eliminated, metamorphosed or contaminated waste drugs.


 abandoned general drugs, such as: antibiotics, non-prescription drugs.

 Waste cytotoxic drugs and genotoxic drugs, including:

 carcinogenic drugs, such as azathioprine, chlorambucil, naphthyl mustard, cyclosporine, cyclophosphamide, phenylalanine nitrogen mustard

 Simmustine, tamoxifen, thiophene, etc .;

 suspicious carcinogenic drugs, such as: cisplatin, mitomycin, doxorubicin, phenobarbital and so on;

 Immunosuppressive agents.

 abandoned vaccines, blood products and so on.



5, chemical waste: a toxic, corrosive, flammable and explosive waste of chemicals.


 medical imaging room, laboratory waste chemical reagents.

● waste of acetic acid, glutaraldehyde and other chemical disinfectants.

 waste mercury sphygmomanometer, mercury thermometer

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