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Garbage Classification, Ordinary Life, How To Distinguish Which Plastic Can Be Recycled And Can Not Be Recycled?
Sep 11, 2017

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According to the standard of municipal solid waste classification and its evaluation standard,

Recyclables are wastes that are suitable for recycling, recycling, and resource use. Mainly includes:

1,paper: not tarnish writing paper, packaging paper and other paper products etc.. Such as newspapers, all kinds of packaging paper, office paper, advertising paper, cartons, etc.;

2, plastic: waste containers, plastics, plastic packaging and other plastic products. For example, all kinds of plastic bags, plastic bottles, foam plastics, disposable plastic lunch boxes, tableware, hard plastic, etc.;

3, metal: all kinds of scrap metal items. Such as cans, tin cans, lead skin, toothpaste, leather, waste batteries, etc.;

4, glass: colored and colorless waste glass products; 5, fabrics: old textile clothing and textiles.


Non recyclable

The Common junk which is easily decomposed under natural conditions, such as, peel, leaves, flowers, leaves and branches leftovers.

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