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Hdpe Pipe Shredding Machine For Zhejiang
Jan 22, 2018

HDPE PIPE is long and big and thick , common crusher cant process it ; the horizontal type shredder in the market is too expensive to afford for many customers;

Brightermachinery develop an economical shredder for the market ; Just cutting the big hdpe pipe to be less than 1.5 meter. Then our shredder can reduce the hdpe pipe into 20-100mm flakes in one step ;

The hopper of the hdpe pipe shredding machine moves the pipe in the 2 sides of the shredding blades and does reciprocating motion; then ,the big hdpe pipe will be cutted to be shorter and shorter ,from bottom to top;

The most popular model is SCSP800, max 710mm hdpe or pvc or ppr plastic pipe can be processed on this shredder; Capacity of output can get 500kg/h for hdpe , 300~500kg/h for pvc and ppr ;

hdpe plastic lumps shredder.jpg

hdpe lumps shredder.jpg

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