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Heavy Duty Shredder For Plastic Lumps
Apr 16, 2018

The application of engineering plastic

General-purpose engineering plastic includes : PA , PC,  POM , MPPO , PET , PBT ;

The performance of these kinds of plastic is between General plastic and thermosetting plastic ;

Hardness , heat resistance , toughness , ESCR etc, they are better than general purpose plastic ;

Engineering plastic are mainly used to make bottle , drum (PET,PC,PA) , fiber products (brush, fishing net , filtering net ) , Mechanical parts( gear, wheels , washers), car pipe , toy , shell of electric products etc;

Heavy duty shredder for plastic lumps 

Brightermachinery ( provides series industrial shredding plants for waste plastic recycling ; Brightermachinery ( ) has solutions for recycling all kinds of waste plastic , welcome to consult :M randy want ,sales manager,  Whatsapp/Wechat/Line: +86 18112752189 Email: Skype : andy_brighter;

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