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How Do Process Large Daily Life Trash ?
Aug 14, 2017

With the popularity of global urbanization, the pace of life to speed up the growing garbage, China and the world as the most serious environmental problems. It is estimated that the current growth rate of developed countries is 3.2% -4.5%, 2% ^ J3% in developing countries. Global annual output of 10 billion tons of garbage. Chinese cities with an annual output of about 150 million tons of waste [1]. The treatment of garbage is imperative, and there are three main types of landfill, compost and incineration, but must be dealt with before the treatment.


SCD series of heavy duty double shaft shredder plant is a large-scale garbage crusher, through the CE certification, specially designed for large pieces of waste material broken design, machine technology from Italy, the blade using high quality high-strength alloy Steel, has a very strong wear resistance and high strength and other characteristics, the drive part of the use of intermediate gear drive to form a differential relationship. Screen disassembly easy and simple.


After the broken material through the screen to control the size of the size of the material evenly, the output can reach 300-30000KG per hour.


Bulk Garbage List:


Waste old sofa

Old mattress

Large iron frame

Large plastic frame

Waste table


Wooden frame

Large plastic products


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