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How Do Recycle Plastic Drum
Aug 04, 2017

There are many waste plastic scrap with big volume but very light , like , hollow oil drum, water drum, water tank etc.


This kind of big drum is too big to be feeded into granulator/crusher.

Even some small drum can be feeded into fine granulator , the capacity of output is not big enough.


But if use the double shaft shredder to process the plastic drum , it break it very fastly and get very big capacity of output.


By matching a fine granulator or crusher with the double shaft shredder, drum recycler can get 10 grade drum flakes to max 2 ton/hour.


HDPE Drum, pp drum , other kind of container, like fruit tank , garbage bin , e appliance ,chair , helmet etc.  The double shaft shredding equipment is suitable for them too.


But for big and thick plastic pipe or big and thick block , the double shaft shredder is not suitable .


Generally speaking, the double shaft shredder is used for thin scrap with big size or volume.

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