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How Do You Understand The Phenomenon Of Micro Cracks In Pipe Bending Machine Made In China
May 17, 2018

Recently some customers visited our company to find the phenomenon of micro cracks in the process of cnc automatic hydraulic pipe bending machine. The austenite grain boundaries perpendicular to the stress direction are also perpendicular to the slag inclusion that extends the tube. After the steel tube is bent, the microstructure is recrystallized by heat treatment, so that the microcracks are transformed into crystal dragging.

A wide range of research on the mechanical properties of a hydraulic pipe bending machine with micro cracks has shown that both yield strength and tensile strength are not affected at room temperature or at higher temperatures. However, micro cracks can cause obvious changes in groove impact values.

The discussion about the effect of microcracks on the creep state of metals is still rare. The micro cracks produced in the induction heating bending process are mainly affected by the degree of deformation and the temperature of deformation. Therefore, when exceeding the limit condition, the deformation and deformation temperature increase, the micro cracks will increase. This means that if the temperature of the bend is kept below the formation temperature of the micro crack, it is possible to prevent the micro crack from bending with a predetermined bending radius.

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