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How To Break Engineer Plastic (engineer Plastic Shredder For Pet Ppr Pvc Abs Pf Pom Pmma Etc) ?
Feb 08, 2018

Recently ,we completed a shredder for breaking engineering plastic ,POM(polyformaldehyde) , a very hard material for making mechanical parts ,replacing ZINC,Copper, Aluminium ,Iron etc; 

The POM is widely used in the field of Electronics ,Machinery,Instrument,Daily industry ,Car , construction , Agriculture etc.

But the POM is very very hard , common shredder or blade is not perfect for making big pom lumps or products into small flakes automatically;

Brightermachinery( develop a shredder with special design, the structure is strong ,the blade not only work with good performance,but also has a long working life;

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pom engineer plastic shredder

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