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How To Clean Hydraulic Oil Pump Of Tube Bending Machine
Dec 11, 2017

1. When cleaning the oil box of hydraulic pipe bending machine, we should clean the oil filter of each pump.

2. Within 1 to 2 months after the equipment is used, the oil tank is cleaned, and a hydraulic tank is filtered.

3, when nc hydraulic tube bending machine is working normally, if it is found that the advance and withdrawal failure is unsuccessful, first check whether the solenoid valve acts, if the solenoid valve acts normally, then check whether the sequential valve 6X3, the relief valve YF L20H4 or the one-way unloading valve 4HD3 have the impurity sticking phenomenon. (this phenomenon is usually easy to happen when the equipment is started). If there is a dead card phenomenon, disassemble the gasoline or diesel oil after cleaning it, reload it.

4, the hydraulic pump station parts are equipped with oil resistant rubber seal ring, such as seal ring damage, oil leakage, should be changed in time.

5, check the fasteners of all parts and make them fasten.

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