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How To Distinguish Different Materials Of Blades ?
Jan 18, 2018

We met a client called “ Yalkym” from Turkmenistan ; this client bought a big whole pet bottle washing line from a company near us ; this pet bottle washing line is promised to get capacity of 3 tons/h , with 2 big pet bottle crushers, 55kw of motor power , 1m of rotator width, blade width of 500mm , 14 blades of 1 set of crusher; 

As this client said ,the actual capacity of the whole washing line is less than 1ton/h, and it can’t get clean pet flakes . as we see the pictures of the pet flakes, it is not good; then ,this client share the offer with us ,we checked the offer carefully; we find some funny features on this line ; 

The crusher is very big , but the following floating washing tank , friction washing machine , screw , dryer etc, they are very small; Half big washing line pluse half small washing line , but the total cost is really economical ; 

This client bought around 300pcs of blades, what this client want to buy is skd11(Cr12Mo!V1), the working life promised is 300tons of pet flakes. But actually , it only meet 3 tons of working life; This client told us the contract they concluded is skd-11(Cr12Mo1V1), but what they received is not real skd-11(Cr12Mo1V1);

Here ,a big question comes out , how to check skd-11(Cr12Mo1V1) blade ?

Zhangjiagang brighter machinery co.,ltd is very glad to share our professional experience with our clients, help our clients spend money and get real skd-11(Cr12Mo1V1) blade; 

Comparing to other material of blade , Skd-11(Cr12Mo1V1)has features as below:

1. The workmanship is obviously more exquisite and far better than other blade ,such as 9CrSi, T8,T10 etc;

2. The Spark of skd-11 from polish looks light red;

3. The voice of metal tapping sounds more comfortable than the 9CrSi,T10, We can show the voice to clients;

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