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How To Recycle Unqualified New Made Plastic Pipe From Production And Plastic Lumps From Extruding Mould ?
Aug 04, 2017

For hdpe pvc ppr water supplying pipe, draining pipe , gas pipe, conduit pipe manufacturer ,smooth pipe or corrugated pipe factory , they may have some unqualified pipe or much purge lumps from the pipe extruding mould .


This kind of pipe and lumps belongs to first grade scrap , it can be recycled to make new plastic pipe


What pipe manufacturer need do is break the big plastic pipe or lumps into small flakes, like 6mm, 8mnm, 10mm grade .


For the pvc pipe, need make the pvc pipe flakes into pvc powder ,then the pvc powder can be mixed with virgin pvc power and additives to make new pvc pipe.


The small hdpe ppr pipe flakes can be mixed with virgin hdpe ppr granules to make new hdpe or ppr pipe again.


Some pipe manufacturer also make the hdpe ppr flakes into hdpe ppr granules by extruding pelletizing machine . thus , the new made pipe will have better surface .


The pvc powder also can be made into pvc granules by conical twin screw extruder for sale.


The pvc granules can be used to make new pvc pipe ,or pvc spiral ,pvc pipe fittings etc.


There are also many companies collect the post old plastic pipe ,and break the pipe into small flakes, wash the flakes for sale , or regenerate the washed pipe flakes into granules for sale.


The BRIGHTER brand plastic pipe shredder is designed for big plastic pipe and lumps specially.

The big pipe ,and lumps , max 2 meters can be put into the shredding hopper directly.

The shredding hopper is movable to make the big plastic pipe have smooth shredding effect.

By designing a shredding and crushing line , the big plastic pipe or lumps can be made into 6~14 grade flakes.

By matching a pulverizer, the pvc flakes can be furtherly made into 10~60 mesh pvc powder .

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