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How To Separate Steel Wires From Plastic ?
Jan 26, 2018

Today, we completed and tested the 4th steel wires and plastic separating machines for our clients in China;

What our clients have the hdpe plastic pipes , the plastic pipe is with steel wire mesh for reinforcing the strength of the plastic pipe ; This pipe also can be called PSP pipe , SRTP pipe , STSCP pipe, SPE pipe ;

What our client want is separating the inner steel wires and get hdpe flakes with high purity ;

Our solution for separating work is using a enhanced double shaft shredder and crusher and magnetic separator and magnetic belt ;

Double shaft shredder

PSP SRTP STSCP SPE pipe shredder and crusher

H13 , material of the shredding blade, is suitable for waste products with steel wires, like tire ,and this SPE pipe etc;

The SPE pipe is very strong , the requirement to the gearbox is also very high ; We designed the gearbox into 2 steps to reduce the rotation speed and getting high shearing torque; The gearbox adopts the best brand in China;

After shredding , the SPE pipe will become a square flakes, the size is around 15 * 5 cm , plastic with steel wires;

Then the SPE pipe flakes will be feeded into a crusher , then the steel wires and plastic will be separated ;

Here we will a magnetic separator to remove the steel wires, a magnetic belt for removing rest steel wires , the rest hdpe plastic flakes is with high purity;

pipe shredder and crusher

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