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How To Use 3D CNC Pipe Tube Bending Machine
Feb 08, 2018

Suzhou Wonsten Group is a professional pipe bending machine manufacturer. The production of 3D CNC Pipe Bending Machine control system is mainly composed of human machine interface (HMI), programmable logic controller (PLC), three sets of servo motors, cylinders and cylinders. The man-machine interface (HMI) with the formula function can store the technological parameters of hundreds of workpieces and realize the human-computer dialogue. Using Panasonic FP-X, PLC can simultaneously achieve four axis positioning and two sets of interpolation functions to meet the complex control requirements of the control system of the three-dimensional pipe bending machine. The equipment of the servo motor are all made using the "Syntron" AC servo motor, its function is to achieve the two axis (bending axis and rotation axis) rotation angle control and the realization of one axis (axis) feed control, which feed axis and bending axis linear interpolation to complete the bending function, two axis displacement determination by the bending angle, rotation axis of rotation position according to the instruction. In addition, the solenoid valve is used in combination with oil cylinder and cylinder to realize the power of the elbow, such as the main clamp, the pair clip, the material clip, the core and the trusteeship. Welcome to choose our company's products.

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