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Hydrualilc Pipe Bending Machine Advantage
Aug 20, 2017

1, hydraulic pipe bending machine adopts touch screen plus NC mode and dialogue operation. The program is easy to set up

2, the bed structure is stable, not easy to deformation.

3, each set of 16 elbow angle can be set, the memory can store 16 sets of files.

4, all slow positioning function, the pipe angle is stable, repeat accuracy of + 0.1 degrees

5. when use hydraulic tube bending machine, the error message is displayed on the screen to help the operator remove it immediately.

6. To provide the value of the coordinate transformation pipe bending developed by ourselves. The software can be purchased and edited on the desktop computer.

7. Complete the straight feed motion (DBB) dolly, which is pulled forward by the tube during the bending of the tube. Thus, the "positive thrust" is removed, thereby eliminating the synchronization between the car and the bending speed, and eliminating the negative feedback system of the DC motor for increasing the "positive thrust", thereby simplifying the electric circuit.

8, when bending, because the car as a load, the tube was pulled forward, in order to improve bending, avoid the tube bending part of the wall thickness is too thin, reduce spring back, increased the booster device. When bending, the die not only presses the pipe but also is pushed forward by the thrust force to form a lateral thrust to help bending.

9. The pipe head can be moved transversely along the guide rail, which is necessary to adjust the bending die slot to the center line of the machine tool after replacing the bending die. It is easier to adjust the center line of the machine tool than to adjust the guide and tailstock of the lathe bed.

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