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Industrial Structure Adjustment Of Domestic Pipe Bending Machine Industry
Jun 15, 2018

Our pipe bending machine factory involves the processing needs of various industries, so we should make innovations and progress in flexibility and hyperactivity. Such single pipe bender, single head bender and hydraulic pipe bending machine will not be able to meet the needs of overall development. Therefore, CNC pipe bending machine and full automatic pipe bending machine were developed and used to rely on imported pipe bender to support high-tech industry demand.

At present, we can completely research and manufacture independently, and can also be customized for users. According to materials and processing characteristics to support related models. It can be rebuilt or completely designed on the original model. There are many different bend processes in practice. There are many different classifications from different angles. In engineering, the heating is usually divided into cold bend pipe and hot bend pipe, which is divided into core pipe and non-core pipe, and the stainless steel tube, especially the thin-walled stainless steel pipe, is bent with cold bending.

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