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Introduction Of CNC Automatic Pipe Tube Bending Machine
Oct 25, 2017

CNC automatic pipe bending machine control system adopts 15 "color touch screen operation, according to the 3D graphics to achieve preview preview function and interference tube type data simulation of the actual input, you can input, edit, store and display various pipe data and instructions. X.Y.Z. coordinate can be automatically converted into Y.B.C. processing value, all moving at the same time coordinate machine (Y, B, C) are under accurate control of the computer, can realize automatic core bending, and has a fault self-diagnosis, power-off memory, automatic lubrication, safety protection and other advanced features. The tube bending machine (C axis), the rotary tube (B axis) and the pipe feeding (Y axis) are closed loop servo control. The accuracy of the rotary motion is 0.1 degrees, and the precision of the linear motion is 0.1mm.


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