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Maintaince Of Cnc Hydraulic Tube Bending Machine
Nov 10, 2017

The tube bending machine produced by Wonsten Group has good maintenance to make the service life longer and make the users more satisfied. Pipe bending machine belongs to a kind of forging machinery, the main function is the metal processing industry shearing plate. The following is the maintenance and maintenance of pipe bending machine:

1. Operate strictly in accordance with the operating procedures.

2, before each start, according to the lubrication chart requirements timing, fixed-point, quantitative lubrication, the oil should be clean, no precipitation.

3, full automatic pipe bending machine must always keep clean, not painted part of antirust grease.

4, motor bearing grease should be regularly replaced, filling, and often check the electrical part of the work is normal, safe and reliable.

5, regularly check cnc tube bending machine triangle belt, handle, knob, button is damaged, serious wear should be replaced in time, and report spare parts supplement.

6, every day before work, to machine lubrication, lubrication and scrub clean machine tools.

7, the blade should be regularly fastened, oiled.

8, no shear can exceed the rated pressure of the plate.

9, prohibit non designated personnel to operate the equipment, usually must leave the machine.

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