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Market Prospects Of Waste Paper Recycling
Aug 25, 2017

Waste paper recycling shredder 

Because of the long growth cycle of wood pulp and paper making, high cost, and recycling of waste paper has been advocated by the national saving and environment-friendly mode of growth, so the paper industry in addition to wood pulp, waste paper is the most widely used in the papermaking raw material. But because of the China system of recycling of waste materials is not perfect, the classification of waste paper only do simple processing, can only be used for the production of low-grade raw materials, so the domestic paper industry demand for imports of waste paper greatly.

According to data show that in March 2017, China's imports of waste paper amounted to 3 million 110 thousand tons, an increase of 16.04% in the same month; 1-3 months of imports amounted to 7 million 770 thousand tons, an increase of 11.64%.

For such a shortage of raw materials market, waste paper recycling will be of great significance.

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