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Parts Of Pipe Bending Machine
Jul 29, 2017

The pipe bending machine is composed of a driving device, a guiding wheel device, a pre pressing device, a rocker arm rotating device, a clamping head device, a base, an intermediate frequency power supply, a hydraulic system, etc. The rocker arm rotating device is the core part of the pipe bender. Its function is to bend the heating pipe into the required radius. It has the functions of bending, turning and reducing. The rocker arm slewing device is mainly composed of a large sliding table, a rocker arm drive device, a rocker arm, a middle sliding table, a slewing support, a small sliding table and other components. The rocker driving device installed in the large table side, swinging arm is fixed on the sliding table through large slewing bearing, slider fixed on the rocker arm, and change the position of the slides and adjustment between the center and the center line of the rotary chuck distance, adjust the radius of pipe bending.

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