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Performance And Main Applicable Range And Characteristics Of Automatic Pipe Bending Machine
Feb 10, 2018

3D CNC hydraulic automatic pipe bending machine uses the bend tube as the hydraulic drive, the feed and the turning angle are servo controlled three-dimensional automatic pipe bending machine. The control accuracy is greatly improved, with bend power, control precision three axis high, all the programming and input were directly in touch screen dialogue, all the information that can be automatically selected to display Chinese or English, the operation is very convenient, fast and accurate.

High performance small scale automatic bending machine, control of the simple controller, make the operation and design your program is simple, widely used in mass production or standardized production, such as automobile and motorcycle parts, such as the exhaust pipe, seat cushion, bumper, sports equipment and all the iron furniture production. It is also used for boiler, spaceflight, shipbuilding and general engineering piping.

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