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Pipe Bending Machine Explaination
Jul 03, 2017

At present the development of science and technology is very rapid, bender in industrial machinery in the type is various, pipe bending machine has become the indispensable equipment in industrial processes, but also with the performance of bending pipe industry demand will continue to improve. Pipe bending machine electric and manual and other forms, there are pipe bending machine, hydraulic pipe bending machine CNC, CNC pipe bending machine market mainly dominated, but different pipe bending machine can meet the needs of different markets and different manufacturing processes. The design in this paper is the design of equipment spare parts of automatic pipe bending machine and the design of simple control circuit, has the advantages of reasonable structure, convenient operation, moderate price, convenient installation and disassembly, but also can be used for other operation and many other advantages, is widely used in the domestic application of electric pipe bending machine, yang. Generally, the automatic pipe bending machine is made up of motor, whole frame, stop mechanism, reducer and electrical control equipment. Mainly realize the bending, shaping and other functions of the steel tube.

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