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Plastic Chunks Shredding Equipment
May 10, 2018

Waste PP bag recycling

The recycling work has relatively higher requirement on waste pp bag recycling ;

The sorting process of pp bag should be strict , other material of scrap cant be mixed in the pp bags ; No sand , no soil, no impurities ;

The waste pp scraps can be found from pp bag production , waste salt pag , cement sacks , seed bags etc ;

The recycling flow is sorting crushing washing drying pelletizing getting solid and clean pp granules making new pp sacks;

Plastic chunks shredding equipment

Brightermachinery ( provides series industrial shredding plants for waste plastic recycling ; Brightermachinery ( ) has solutions for recycling all kinds of waste plastic , welcome to consult :M randy want ,sales manager,  Whatsapp/Wechat/Line: +86 18112752189 Email: Skype : andy_brighter;


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