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Plastic Purges Shredding Machine
May 11, 2018

Harm from waste plastic to human body (plastic purges shredding machine ) 

The main components of plastic is high molecular polymer, the polymer is safe and no poisonousness ; But almost all plastic produce is with some ratio of additives, which are used to enhance the plasticity and hardness of polymer; then the plastic can get different using ability ; 

For example , the pvc , Polyvinyl Chloride , Phthalic Acid Ester , short name of PAEs ; when the plastic is put in the air for long time , the PAES may be distributed into the environment ;

According to related research , the PAEs in the air ,water ,dust ,food , soil etc ,it may cause mans fecundity become weak , the amount of sperms become less and less;

Plastic purges shredding machine

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