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Problems Caused By Unreasonable Design Of Synchronous Shaft Of Pipe Bending Machine
Nov 17, 2017

In the original tube bending machine, the sliding wear sleeve is adopted, but in the process of its rotation, the wear of the wear sleeve is damaged because of excessive eccentric load. The root cause is that the gap between the sleeve and the sleeve is changed when the synchronous shaft of the pipe bender rotates in the process, and the center is not concentric with the fixed end shaft.

After improvement, the new type pipe bender adopts rolling bearings, which makes the synchronous shaft move more flexibly. The synchronous shaft body adopts the welded structure of the hollow steel pipe and the solid round steel at both ends, and an adjusting pad is added in the middle of the connecting seat, which can be improved when the concentricity cannot be ensured, and the operation accuracy of the pipe bending machine is greatly improved.

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