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Reminder Of Oil Drain And Refueling In Hydraulic Pipe Bending Machine System
Nov 24, 2017

Hydraulic pipe bending machine maintenance law has such a, equipment hydraulic system must regularly put oil and refuel again, because to maintain clean oil for the whole system operation has a very important role.

Regular release of water and sediment in the tank of hydraulic tube bending machine is crucial to remove impurities in the oil. At the same time, the oil in the whole hydraulic system must be regularly emptied, which is to completely remove the impurities in the system, the oxidized hydraulic oil and other harmful substances. After completion, it is necessary to re clean the hydraulic system into the system.

Because a good hydraulic oil contains a variety of additives, these additives can prevent oil deterioration or plugging parts of the system, but after a long period of use, no one can guarantee its effectiveness, and therefore need to be replaced regularly. In addition to oil discharge and refueling, regular replacement of the filter is also one of the measures to keep the hydraulic pipe bending machine system clean, so as to keep the system clean.

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