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Safety Operation Specification For Large Pipe Bending Machine
Mar 11, 2018

(1) the user should check the equipment regularly and strictly prohibit the work of the machine with disease.

(2) before starting the work, the equipment should be started for 1 to 3 minutes to check whether the buttons and safety devices are reliable, whether the fasteners are fastened, and whether there are any abnormalities in the operation process. If there are any problems or failures, it should be stopped immediately for repair.

(3) the lighting of the working table should be normally illuminated, and there can be no obstacles on the ground around the work, and the equipment and materials should be placed in a neat and orderly manner.

(4) operators should concentrate their attention when they operate the equipment. They must cooperate well with their hands and feet. They must wear protective articles before they work, and strictly prohibit fatigue operation, chat operation, drinking operation and smoking operation.

(5) the hand or finger is strictly forbidden to be extended into the upper or lower mould parts. The stroke switch should be raised when the knife is up, and the foot should be far away from the foot switch when the knife is supported.

(6) when equipment is overhauled and stopped, warning signs should be hung near the starting switch of the equipment and special supervision should be made when necessary.

(7) the equipment and safety protection devices should be lubricated regularly to reduce the wear and tear of the parts, so as to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

(8) rough materials, finished products, waste should be required to position partition neatly, do not allow the finished products and scraps scattered piled up, not allowed to work with oil field wastewater.

(9) the top die of the pipe bending machine must fall at the lowest position at work and cut off the power supply of the equipment.

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