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Several Factors Affecting The Quality Of Bends Made By Pipe Bending Machine
May 25, 2018

Suzhou Wonsten Group is one of China professional pipe bending machine manufacturer, many years of production experience with 1000 factory, to provide customized semi auto and cnc automatic pipe bending machine for different customers.

When bending, the pipe will be thinned down under the action of external force M, and the lateral wall of the outer layer will be thinned down by the tensile stress. Thickening and resultant force N1 and N2 make the cross section of the tube change. Based on this factor, the main causes of the bend quality decrease are RX and SX, so in GBJ235 82, the RX value and the outer thinning measure are clearly defined in all kinds of pressure grades. The purpose is to control the value of RX and SX, thus ensuring the quality.

The accuracy of bending is also one of the factors that affect the quality of elbow.

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