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Shredder For Processing Animal Corpse
Aug 04, 2017

Regardless of whether the normal death or death of animal dead bodies, often carrying a variety of bacteria, if not handled or handled properly, the body will soon break down corruption, odor, so that the source of microbial pollution of air, water and soil, causing disease transmission and Spread, and with its direct or indirect contact with the possibility of infection. This requires timely treatment in order to prevent the breeding of bacteria and the spread of the disease, that is, animal carcasses harmless treatment.

Animals whose body of death or death is unexplained must be harmless. The treatment and disposal of animal carcasses are mainly refined oil refining, direct landfill, high temperature cooking disinfection after landfill, composting, direct burning, incinerator burning.

    In order to speed up the landfill efficiency or full combustion, the animals must be broken before the first landfill and incineration and other treatment. The purpose of crushing the animals before the incineration is to reduce the size of the large animals entering the incinerator, to eliminate the voids, to make the size of the dead bodies, uniform texture, more conducive to combustion and improve the efficiency of incineration.

    Thist two shaft shredding machine is designed for the crushing of animal bodies, the machine technology from Italy, the blade is made of imported high-strength alloy steel, a very strong wear resistance and high strength characteristics, the drive part of the use of intermediate gear , Forming a differential relationship. Screen disassembly easy and simple. After the broken material through the screen to control the size of the size of the material evenly, the output can reach 300-10000KG per hour.

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