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Some Operation Skills Which Can Prolong The Life Of Double Shaft Shredder
Nov 20, 2017

Double axis shredder in front of the work of small tricks, let you easily control the whole set of equipment, so that the double shaft shredder machine work more efficient, more efficient, more secure.


1. double shaft shredder machine preheats before idling, leaving enough time for the second starts, many people ignore this little skill , but the actual effect proves that preheating the double shaft shredder by idling before work can greatly improve its working state and service life.

2. for the material, it's better to choose the same sort , for example,when recycle wood, only process wood in all the whole bunch , shredding cans ,just shredding cans, which can guarantee the biaxial shredder work efficency. the final flakes after shredding is more uniform, a protective role is also carried out on the biaxial shredder.

3. lubrication work of double shaft shredder alos need be done wel. not only for improving production performance and production capacity, but also in order to get longer service life on the double shaft shredder .

4. the double shaft shredder will complete the discharge of the material and then close the machine after the completion of the work.

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