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Specification Of Pipe And Tube Bending Machine
Aug 18, 2017

Structural aspects

1 、 pipe bending machine adopts touch screen plus numerical control module, dialogue type operation, program setting is simple and convenient;

2, the bed structure is stable, not easy to deformation;

3, each file can be set 16 elbow views, memory can store 16 sets of files;

4, all slow positioning function, pipe angle stability, repeatability accuracy of + 0.1 degrees;

5. The error message is displayed on the screen and assists the operator in cleaning up immediately;

6. Provide the processing value of the coordinate transformation pipe which is developed by ourselves. The software can be purchased and adjusted on the desktop computer.

Technological aspects

Pipe bending machine is the same as that of the sheet metal. In the case of pure twists and turns, diameter D, wall thickness of T tube external force moment M the effect of attack twists and turns, the lateral wall of the neutral layer tensile stress 1, wall thinning; neutral layer of the tube wall of the inner side tensile stress of 1 pipe wall thickness effect. And the shape of the cross-section due to the resultant force, F1 and F2 effect from round to approximate ellipse, when the amount of deformation is too large, the outer tube wall will crack, the inner pipe wall will be wrinkled.

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