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What Are The Technical Characteristics Of The Pipe Bending Machine
Aug 18, 2017

1. suitable mandrel of tube bending machine and its location

In the course of winding, the mandrel plays the main role of supporting the inner wall of the radius of the catheter to avoid its deformation. Now domestic pipe in the machine tool winding forming, if not using mandrel, its quality is difficult to ensure. There are many kinds of mandrel, such as column core, universal single, double, three or four ball mandrel, directional single, multi ball head mandrel, etc. In addition, the mandrel position also has certain influence on the catheter forming theory, it turns the tangent and bending die flush, but through a lot of experiments show that the early 1 ~ 2mm is better, the quality of bend is better. Of course, the amount ahead of time is too big, can form tortuous part, outer wall presents "goose head" phenomenon.

2. moderate bending speed of pipe bending machine

The twists and turns of forming velocity on the primary influence the forming quality is too fast, easy to form a flat portion of the catheter winding roundness, not up to the requirements, the formation of conduit crack and broken; the speed is too slow, the formation of simple conduit wrinkling and pressing block slip, large diameter pipe to form part of the catheter tortuous subsidence. In view of a large number of experiments on the two-numerical control pipe bending machines, the zigzag speed of the pipe is determined to be 20%--40% of the maximum winding speed of the machine.

3. standardization of bending radius for pipe bending machine

Try to complete the "radius of bend tube of the first mock exam" and "- the first mock exam". A tube, no matter how few bends and twists the radius of view how, there can be only one, because the pipe bender does not replace the module in the tortuous process, this is "a tube of the first mock exam". "- the first mock exam", that is the same diameter standard tube should be chosen in the same winding radius, tube is used with a set of bending modules of different shapes, which is conducive to reducing the number of modules.

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