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The Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Cold Bending And Hot Bending Of The Automatic Pipe Bending Machine
Dec 28, 2017

The advantages and disadvantages of the cold bending and hot bending of the automatic pipe bending machine. Security measures:

1. when the sand is filled, the upper end of the pipe and the top of the sand filling platform should be tied with a rope. When sanding, pay attention to prevent the hammer from falling off. Not too hard to prevent empty.

2., when heating pipes, we should pay attention to the possibility that a strong wind may cause a fire. Therefore, we must prepare fire-fighting equipment near the stove, while avoiding the burning of fire or high temperature walls and scalding the skin.

The 3. block pipe pile should have enough strength, and the traction pipe should be fastened with the rope.

4. the relevant operating rules should be observed in the mechanical bend.

School management: to install the pipe due to manufacturing, transportation, improper storage often do not meet the design requirements of the deformation (pipe such as pipe bending, bending bending angle become inappropriate, etc.) in the pipeline operation because of expansion resistance often appear undue deformation. These are required to be corrected during installation and maintenance.

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