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The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Various Trays/pallet
Aug 19, 2017

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1.Wooden pallets


1), the price is relatively cheap

2), maintenance is relatively simple


1), no fire, no water, easy to moisture, easy insects, perishable

2), one-time export packaging materials, the need for fumigation or heat treatment, additional costs, to extend the clearance time

3), the production of wooden pallets need to cut down a large number of forests, and environmental issues run counter to


2, bamboo tray


1), free fumigation

2), recyclable, easy to repair

3), the product price is very competitive

4), waterproof, mildew, pest control

5), green building materials, and environmental protection philosophy the same strain6), the strength and bearing capacity were significantly higher than the wooden tray

7), according to the requirements of the flexibility to produce a variety of specifications and size of the tray 


1), the appearance of cleanliness to be improved

2), the corner is prone to burr


3, multi-layer tray tray 


1), free fumigation

2), the appearance of clean


1), low bearing capacity

2), no fire, no water

3), the production process of a large number of plastic, can not be exported to the formaldehyde emission market requirements


4, plastic tray


1), free fumigation

2), the appearance of clean, easy to clean, easy to disinfect

3), the service life is 5-7 times the wooden tray

4), recyclable and reused           

5), no nails without thorns, non-toxic and tasteless, acid, alkali, corrosion resistance, no rotten, no combustion, no static spark


1), the cost is high

2), low strength, poor impact resistance

3), in the structure and size have great limitations, the product specifications of the flexibility is not high

4) made of polyvinyl chloride, such as containing renewable particles may contain toxins, the export unit is generally not used

5), the use of the environment have a certain temperature requirements (- 25 ℃ to +40 ℃)


5, paper tray


1), the appearance of flat

2), lighter weight

3), free fumigation


1), bearing capacity is too low

2), no water, no fire, easy to absorb moisture, can not be used in the warehouse for a long time


6, steel tray  


1), free fumigation

2), strong structure, high bearing capacity, strong impact resistance


1), since the major

2), easy to rust, easy to corrosion

3), expensive, can only be used in specific industries


7, plastic wood tray 


1), free fumigation

2), the overall appearance, easy to clean

3), high strength, anti-acid and alkali, corrosion resistance, no moisture, no mildew, pest control antibacterial

4), recyclable and re-use

 Disadvantages: 1), the price is higher, the applicable customer base is limited


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