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The Daily Maintenance Method Of CNC Automatic Pipe Bending Machine
Jan 07, 2018

CNC automatic pipe bending machine in daily use should pay attention to the following items, can not be because of the trouble and do not do these things, this is wrong.

1. Refer to the instructions in use.

When you first start using, you need to read the instruction manual first, so that you will have a bottom in your mind when you operate, so you won't be so flustered.

Two. Always pay attention to oil and cleaning work

This machine is based on oil. In normal use, we should always observe whether the oil in the CNC fully automatic pipe bender is enough, and clean the machine frequently, so as to avoid oil leakage or jam.

Three, remember to turn off the power after the end

After the use of the machine, remember to turn off the power supply, this point can not be ignored, but also to do a good job of cleaning lubrication.

The above is the CNC automatic pipe bender, how to maintain the machine at ordinary times. We should clean it regularly, and cherish it when we use it, so we can't cherish it too much, so his life will be weakened.

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